Bergkeller - Reichenbach, Germany
Entry by Chris Buzby

"Here I am again... full from soundcheck and great food! To fill in the gaps + following Rome we ended up in Bavaria, again thanks to Duncan, bus driver extroadinaire! He drove through the night to get us to King Ludwig IIs castles in the south of Germany... WOW! A great morning tour of the castle, followed by a German breakfast, and of course some German beer. When in Germany... We then headed to Wurzburg, hit major traffic, and arrived at the Freakparade in the pouring rain... only to find a VERY appreciative crowd of probably 200 or so who were jumping, singing dancing and hanging onto every note we played.... major energy, passion and goosebumps from everyone tonight... what a great time! Met many new friends afterwards, including some folks who simply stumbled onto the show after hearing us in the alley nextdoors... very cool indeed! Thats the way we spread the word to new comers!

We then headed to Reichenbach after silliness and snoring overnight... some in the bus and others on cardboard beds outside... see Brad's post earlier... very funny. We're actually thinking about writing a snore symphony...with this crew we've got enough parts for a small orchestra!!!

We're now in Reichenbach, East Germany. We were greeted by a cold beer and a warm, family owned biergarten... feels like home indeed. We've been treated grandly already, soundchecked, and are ready to raise the roof again! Thanks to all who keep checking the tour diary... we'll have more updates in the morning + especially if the owners friend allows us onto his gokart racing track after breakfast... might be the first echolyn formula 1 faceoff... WHOO HOO!

More to come, for sure... for all our fans, thanks for coming to our shows... only 3 more to go... hope some of you might make one before we recross the pond at week's end. All the best!"

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