Bergkeller - Reichenbach, Germany
Entry by Chris Buzby

"Strange keyboard to type on indeed...sorry for any typos....

to catch you all up on the last gig news we played in Rome 3 days ago to over 300 people!!! And due to flooding in the city that afternoon the club owners said there should have been 150 more! WOW! We had a great time performing and meeting so many new fans....encores galore, and many autograph signings afterwards....Italalian fans are so gracious, passionate, and welcoming. Thank you to all of you who made our night special at that gig...and to Alessandro and his father Marchello, the club owners who welcomed us into their club with food, drink and friendship....and a tour of Rome the next day...check out the pictures in the pix section when you can. What a wonderful 2 days....more to come about Germany after our soundcheck taking place in 2 minutes...gotta go....thanks for checking in on us....will write again soon later tonight with a Wurzburg gig update and other assorted bus adventures...bye for now!"

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