NEARfest, The War Memorial - Trenton, NJ
Entry by Ray Weston

"In the past month my favorite singer, Phil anselmo (Pantera), put out two different solo projects, Down II and Superjoint Ritual. He also toured with both bands - playing the Trocadero in Phila. twice. My bud Ed and I were able to fight through the mosh pit and get within hand slapping range of the stage. We were giddy like two school boys.

I finally got it this weekend. When the curtain came up Saturday. I was Phil - you were me and your bud was Ed. One big somewhat twisted family is what we are. It doesn't matter if I'd rather listen to Pantera than Camel or you came to see Caravan more than Echolyn. We are all fans of music.

On a less philosophical note, It was a blast talking to everybody inside at our table and outside under the tent. We had brought my cooler out there to finish off the beer--we did--one by one we got up and left forgetting the cooler. Around 10:30 Sunday night, after packing up the equipment, I remembered my cooler. Not only was it still there, someone had put more beer in it plus a bottle of Gordon's Vodka (Geoff).

That drove the family thing in even deeper.

Thank you everyone!"

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