Seemed like it always rained no matter where we'd be.
To this day it remains a constant part of our anatomy.
Dives turned to diamonds while we planted our seeds.
The garden grew around us when they found us as a beautiful machine.

All that we loved went into hiding.
All this hiding tore us apart.
Our machine and all its beauty became a ghost to us all.
Fight through the minutes, through the hours, all the days to cry out.
This has grown way beyond me.
You can't be seen among the living until you cry out.
This has grown way beyond me now.

Torn by confusion, fueled by nonsense.
Step from the mountain, from its shade, no regrets left to be paid.
There's violent blood on my shirt, glory in my head.
I was staggering in patience wondering why I said.

These are the miles, heavy and blue.
These are the places we stare into.
We went to give into the throws of the city, to the folds of the fields.
So much noise.

Walking upright from the mountain,
    straight into a golden hum.
The smiles that worked against you,
    shimmer, then are gone.

Shake off all the heavy noise. (Just let it go away)
Time to clean out what you carry (and let the song you say)
Bury the sorrow and suffering, (Just let it go away)
     and what we used to be.

Drag your tongue across these bricks then bleed into the mortar.
Make it yours again.

Wicked doubt it does possess; it is a vine persistent.
Make it yours again.
Knowing all the triggers, beautiful in its tragedy,
     tripping from the memories of this beautiful machine.
In soft rain with songbirds she answers, I am yours.

Island, alone is crushing.
Dry is killing. Island.
Once was nothing now as always,
    I am waiting.

This has grown so way beyond me now.

To me you are an island;
    a line where the sky meets the sea.
We can turn away or go there.
Hey island on horizon, your shores will never be far.
We can turn away or go there.

Fill my eyes with your yesterdays and beyond.

I'm lost without her voice to shine and save me from those rainy days.
This hurts to say, these are the last days that she'll save.

She is the love that holds it all.
She is the way.
She is love.


He was seeking out an unprotected existence.
He made a mess. There's no more room in his life.
She's a spring that turns into a river.
A single dandelion turning a dirt yard into a yellow sea, but I left her alone.

One, just one word could open thoughts he never knew.
He had to make room for her in his life.
She became the sun when all was blackened.
Just to know she's around could put my head right
back into the clouds, but I left her alone.
Next time she comes along.

Next time I go, make room for her.

There are a few who adore the rain.
I used to walk with them until she introduced me to the blue wide open.
Now I wait on the sun when it's safe to run, I run until my head's right.
To me she is the sun.

"Locust to Bethlehem"

I am looking for ghosts, listening to the pavement,
with hopes that I can raise the dead so they can shine again.
I am waiting for signs, reading all the faces.
There isn't one I recognize, so why am I surprised?

This town won't let me forget.

Poison streams and wet dreams, yellow Stingray for escape.
I miss the freak walker's gate.
Professor styled and tortured, a beacon for the weak.
I miss the bloodied asphalt.

It may have been the sun distorting a tear, but I swear I saw them.
I ran to grab a hand that wasn't there, but I know I saw them.
I've walked these streets from Locust to Bethlehem all my life,
so I know every hiding place.
When love forgets, we dissolve like daylight.

I am looking for ghosts.

"Some Memorial"

This park used to be a reservoir before Charlie drowned,
saving a doctor and his girl.
They drained the water and moved the earth.
Now housewives have a place to walk.
Some memorial to be alive.

These stones were men I knew,
before they fell in love with a girl who is deception.
She kissed the skin, they named the holes,
then she laid them in the same ground.
Some memorial to be alive.

No wonder our eyes were shut through it all.

Don't we have enough corner coffee shops, concrete and scripted lies?
Crowded when they come, cures lifeless gray wanting to turn away.
We'll never be the same.

Don't you have enough pills and cigarettes this time to dull the pain?
Angry when it comes, lonely when it's gone, wanting to feel the same.
We'll never be the same.

Reflection is never what it was,
    with the years and what the body's gravity does.
We build it up, then grind her down.
Replace the earth; we all return to her.
Some memorial, to be alive.
Leave nothing.

Even though I shake the hand,
    I shake the hand of denial.
I run to follow all my friends.
I see them stare in denial.
It's a long time to go, it's a long time.

Medicate the eyes so they see just what they need to.
Keep them blind to pacify the mind so it won't bleed through.
Fill the ears with numbing waste to cancel out the hum.
Addled brain cannot complain about anything it's done.
Leave nothing.

Drop the kids to chase a ghost to get right for today.
Drop the dead in garbage bags to better our tomorrow.
Leave the earth a leeching hole whose water stands polluted.
The answer to our everything is a medicated dozer.

Take a hand full of seeds and a mouthful of dirt.
Lie down, become a garden.
Leave nothing as it was.

Idled brain cannot complain about anything it's done.
Leave nothing.

Drop the kids to chase a ghost to get right for today.
Drop the dead in garbage bags to better our tomorrow.
Leave the earth a leaching hole whose water stands polluted.
The answer to our everything is a medicated dozer.

Take a hand full of seeds, and a mouthful of dirt.
Lie down and become a garden.
Leave nothing as it was.

"Past Gravity"

Love is a ghost in a room when she has turned away into the empty night.
Love will make you wait to be found. It carries you home.

On her island there is no horizon line,
only endless sea going up, becoming sky.

Who is the shadow in the corner of her eye?
It speaks in a language of smoke and pale heavy air.

It says, "Lover, you are tired and falling, crawling."
It says, "Lover, you are alone in misery."
For you are a blur, disconnected in memory.
And everything you carry weighs on you like misery.

She'd love to fly but the sky don't care.
She'd love to fly but the sky won't hold her.

From a great height, she falls past gravity,
    through the blue of the sea,
    to the island she's made.
She waits.

The little girl wonder, like spring and all is splendor,
    has caught a ride to yesterday.
They've been shepherded on home.
Lover, where have you gone?
Have you gone?

"When Sunday Spills"

These walls are thin. We hear everything above a whisper.
So she smokes weed and likes to drink. She just beat cancer alone.

So don't give another day to this.

Always over her shoulder, afraid in her own home.
You keep and grow your own garden, and I've seen you drink.
You know it's not a very pretty sight.So don't give another day to this.

Things got ugly. Ugly got so violent.

She rarely goes out to find her summertime.
And her sun, it never smiles or comes out these days.
When her Sunday spills, the pavement's had its fill.
It breaks the Kansas Quiet.
I'm waiting for the shot.

The language you use leaves no doubt your marriage is dead.
She screams, "Wife beater!" Why? But, no one's really sure.
You know we've heard so many hurtful things.

So don't give another day to this.

Although she's never feeling right, she's afraid to go.
He's never wrong, she's never right, she's afraid to go.
She's given everything, can't give another day.
Nothing could be farther from what's been twisted now.

So you want to leave? How about that never happens.

"(Speaking in) Lampblack"

There's a sound of a million voices right beside a window view.
And the pulse of the static drumming slips down past, unaware.

But she remembers the moon tonight,
    when everything turns around all right.
There was something she wanted to say...

In the trails of the lampblack burning is just smoke that stains the walls.
And she recalls the breaking of patterns
    and the spells that once were real and held so true.

Everything comes around at once again.
There's something she wanted to say.

I would hold our sacred moments dear to my heart, close to me.
I would keep you in my morning if I'm lost and fail to see.
If we fall where words are stranded, I would reach for only you.
And shout across the fear we're holding to pull you back to me again.
Hear me call.

Hey Love, let the summer invade you and open every doorway to your heart.
Hey Love, let every season embrace you.
Just look around and see everything is blended as one.

You speak to me across our living time where words hang on and on.
They hold me still, in the moonlit charge.
You hold me still.
Unspoken words, too late to be heard.
Out of touch and blurred. Out of time and place.
Time has no name and regret has no meaning.
We've said what we should have.
We've seen what we could have but we've heard so late.
Too Late.

"The Cardinal and I"

I saw a cardinal and wanted it to change my life,
    but it's just a bird.
We share the lines of infinite direction,
    but chose cannon into wall.

Fluorescent skies of palest skin.
I survive by stealing time from pipedreams hidden deep behind my eyes.
It's a curse that we share as we drone on.
We are fruitless, drained of life.

I know that if I had the cardinal's wing,
    a light would shine on everything and we'd be golden.
The cardinal and I are the same and we're running out of days.
Flightless, born into a dying tree.

I always hitch my name to the wrong star.
But I prefer stars once they've fallen.

I should be spinning planets on my fingertips.
He should be miles high.
I could be God, He'd be my heart and we'd be rid of all of this.
Unforgiving, hopelessly we drift.

Dissolve like daylight.

"Accumulated Blur"

With silence falling over every word
we drive into the golden hum
Even the blue sky is blurry, shine on
Beginnings from loss, great divide
We race along aware of everything
Say goodbye to all left behind
an everything be everything?
They call like harbors every one of them
Can this last chance memorial have beginnings?

Leave it all here, rebirth

Bury the sorrow and the suffering in this valley of oblivion
Bury the moments that we used to be in this garden of oblivion
And it wears us out

Halos shift and burn bright
Staring out at this wasted sea
Ghosts that flash, edge of sight
Like a viewing these funeral mountains stand
I believe in final light
Within their towering history, release rebirth
Leave it all here, rebirth

Bury the sorrow and the suffering in this valley of oblivion
Bury the moments that we used to be in this garden of oblivion
Bury the sorrow and the suffering under the sun
Bury the moments that we used to be under the sun

When you feel like dying
we try to find something in the places we stare into
And it wears us out
There's a story to tell, I fell into you.

"Another Stone"

When the wind dies down
In the calm you make your mind
When your eyes no longer see
That's when tomorrow begs for a chance to be seen

Realize the pain will end when you're finally released
When is another stone when it changes to if

When desires quick decay
Blinds the love it used to save
When today is too much
That's when the sun comes out against your design

Devoted till the end
Bow, stare and then
The coffee that you made yourself sat waiting cooling one last time
One flaw with your design
Your heart was stronger than your mind
So the coffee that you made yourself sat waiting, cooling one last time

One last time - let it out

You can't communicate or carry all this weight
It's bombs away my love
So let it out

"Moments with No Sound"

When you realize that you won't be this warm again till spring
Don't let your thoughts stray far away from the light
Of moments of doubt in moments of no sound
Love, why won't you help me?

The body knows when the mind wants out
Of cold machine and worn out boot
The inadvertent blows to the head remind me of where I am
Can you see me?

The rinsing and wringing of these dusty hands
Has worn their shine raw
I know where they've been and what they've built and what they've torn apart
In moments of doubt and moments of no sound

The simple things will be the death of me
'Cause when I'm bored I stick a splinter under my fingernail
Be the death of me

The body knows when the mind wants out of cold machine

A nod with a vacant stare is all I can give you now
I'm miles away from here soaking sun, and free
Of moments of doubt and moments of no sound

Get me out, let me in love

The body knows when the mind wants out of this cold machine

"This is How We Left It"

I would wait for you if you were and I was
Would you wait for me if I wasn't and you were?
I knew to hesitate would only make it worse
But my tongue was tied to the rope around my neck

By the look she gave she was more than hurt
She would wait for you if you were more around
Not like a paper-cut but more like a bear
You never tried, you never reached out to her
The devastation was a sight to behold
And now you stand across and ocean
I couldn't look away till the brilliance was complete

It's all blown up and way out
Nothing could be farther from
More about what's been twisted
This is how we left it

I would wait for you if you were and I was I wouldn't hesitate
By the look she gave it wasn't meant to hurt it meant to devastate
In the end it's who we are
In the end it's what we are

Holding onto stones for the morning after
The words we meant to cripple should never have been thought
Could we hold our breath long enough to forget
All the things we've said, the bones the bricks we've bled?
Someday, maybe then.

"Crows Fly By"

There was a girl who looked for signs
In everything she found design
All before her eyes - wrecked in meaning

Beyond the window in the sky
The sun and crows are flying by
Out every window lay a million urges

She reads the signs then makes her calls
Sometimes she moves sometimes she stalls
Her life is woven in meaning

Hey, Oh turn 'round and see them
Turn 'round and be them
Hey, don't trust an open hand
Words are just as bad
Don't trust time when crows fly

She overlaps she overbears
Her pointing fingers pull her hair
Outside she is disconnected

In the grass there's razor blades
And there's sickness in her shade
It's hanging from her limbs and always blazing

Hey, turn around and see them
Turn around and be them
All before her eyes, all before her eyes

Eyes see inside my head
My heart is fiction barely fed
I release the sound, I release the sound

"15 Days"

Claustrophobic, close to sainthood
Awake, but barely breathing. Pray for daylight
15 days of upright walking, little sleep and nonsense talking
The baby birds were so delicious
15 days of everywhere, sorry for the liquor stare
If I were you, then you were me, we move the same, differently

The Dillinger was used more than once

From Soho steps to Hengelo sand I heard Jack Shit say, "Piss off, man"
"I do what I want when I want, make sure it's dodgy"
From Roman dirt to Belgium rain we stood with ghosts and felt ashamed
In a room that glowed chipped yellow paint
For 15 days I was alive, all teenaged heart and starry-eyed
I wanna wake up at a truck stop in a porn-a-holic haze

I was bottom right and to the back, no Hemmingway or Kerouac
A camera and the college girls, dogs, traffic, microphone shadows
Background noise, monkey hands, mushroom tops and a dirty laundry pillow

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