…and every blossom
"Bright Sides"

Just give me a smile
And I'll cherish it dearly
I'll save it in memory for a rainy day
Just give me some laughter
There's nothing quite like it
Pain, grief, and sadness will all melt away

If you happen to know The Hundred Acre Wood
Or the way to Toad Hall
Then please fill me in
Because tea is at twelve
And there's a chair by the fire
If the conversation's good I'll be staying awhile

Today's the perfect day for the bright side of life
They'll pick you up and tune you in
And make you feel alright
It's like waltzing in Vienna or flying in a dream
A string ensemble breathing
The rolling tide of spring

If you find yourself aching
For a cold cup of Entwash
A walk in the moonlight or some Longbottom Leaf
May the leeward side find you
The sun never blind you
The good book remind you
Of the love that we share

"Ballet For A Marsh"

Her dance a fluid easy grace
Like resting in the palm of God
She moves in silent circles, mine is sore to watch
Almost comical at times
Such movements unlike habits are not natural for me

Myself and I are happy wearing our head the way it is
She primps to her own reflection
She to be a queen
And I labeled decoy draw attention from her beauty
For this she snubs and circles me in spite
Pirouettes, lands like a feather on the calm of the lake
Without a sound she takes flight again

And again the chatter starts about her
Lack of social grace as she mingles with the common breeds
I am quite the jester, she more the prude
With neck-high buttons fastened tight
As if to ward off any sign of laughter
I am many shades; she just black and white
It's not her fault, we've made her what she is
If she'd get the hint, she'd take off in a huff

She'd always had a mind to leave
I'm happy with my home here in the marsh

"Brunch In The Sun"

I put on my morning harmony
It always feels so good in a major key
The sun was singing a steamy moonlight serenade
While the moon was creeping off
Looking for a little shade

The tea was begging to be steeped
And the shower was hissing for some attention
But the only thing that was on my mind
Was lunch in the sun

I stepped outside to saddle up Ben
He was three and a half and stood sixteen hands
We made our way to a warren I knew
Where old Fiver told stories in the early afternoon

The primroses had all begun to bloom
And the sweet scent of clover was in the air
For El-ahrairah this was a perfect day
For lunch in the sun

Oh, I daydreamed away
Glenn Miller flew right above me
Conducting the clouds to some long lost tune
From Heaven the horns washed through me

And then I knew it was time to go
But I said to myself as I trotted on home
It couldn't have been a better day
For lunch in the sun

"Blue And Sand"

Sunrise orange fills the sky
We wake to reach to push the ground aside
Healing sun came early
The March winds kept their promises of spring

Rejoice the birth of seasons
Miracle to bloom
A tapestry to blanket Mother

Open up and welcome
Drench us in light, bathed in morning dew
Child's footsteps closer
Nose gently pressed to sample summer's yield

Rejoice the gift of sharing
Colors with the world
A visually fragrant painted landscape

Anxious bee come rest on me
Easy breeze will take you home again
Fill the air with a pungent nectar
Sweet to breathe like a drug for your senses

Mother feed us rain cloud
And chase your gray to blue
Filtered light come dancing
And we begin to sing

Allow us time to grow
Mature and give our beauty
To sculpt the Earth in shades of natural tone
Time for life

Sandman fills our heads with song of cricket
Then leave us to dream in our quiet night

The romantic lure of Mother's perfect stage
No painter's brush could match her genius

Sleep to dream, dream to reach
To grow as high as elephant's eye

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