Suffocating the Bloom

I was glad to be 21, Immortal, unharnessed, inspired
I was a veteran beach kisser in a green trench coat
Tuned in and wired, turned on and...

Alive for the moment and charging to the future
Aiming for the marrow, the essence, the cure
Reading between the lines of conformity
I saw so much more

I think I've still got it
That determination, that penchant for maturity
I think I know more now
Someone showed me how to slow down and enjoy my life

I was glad to be 21, in the legal part of my life
A seasoned street walker in black leather garb
Tuned out but alive, turned off and...

Aware of everything but nothing at all
You should see all the medals I wear
Each pin has a story I'd like to tell
But my memories aren't for sale

It's hard to keep that credo flowing
When you've finally realized it's all been done before
But you see, futile is the only word to feed and fuel an optimist
I'm a realist breaching reality, a reason with a rhyme
I'm still trying to break these limitations
Daring to be different, like I did at 21

It's not about wild oats
Only sow what you'll wear
Only wear what you believe in
Or the fabric will tear

Do you still love with a passion?
Can you feel it burning and alive?
It's a positive force so embrace it
It's a gift we all have inside


I heard the winterthru the evening
I saw the winterthru the trees
Knee deep in silence
Immune to the world around me

Winterthru a crack in the door
Winterthru the bones of the poor
November's wind, December's wind
Are getting warmer now

Gone are the days of the Garity's and Bergey Hill
Sliding headlong into memories
Dreaming of a white Christmas

Winter cut thru my breath
I'm wrapped tight in a one piece snowsuit
Laughter kept me warm
For the task of building snowmen
With a race against the sun
I always lost, I never won

Gone are the days of a frozen pond, frozen toes
Skating headlong into memories
Dreaming of a white Christmas

"Memoirs From Between"

IWhat I need is a horse and meadow
A fireplace for snowy days
Some cherry blossom outside my window
A little hope to light my way

What I want is a longer weekend
A case of beer by a swimming pool
To quit my job without a reason
A Kerouac romantic fool

A star to wish and gaze on
A bar to lean on
A song that says it all
A friend to tip a glass to
A life to live through
A world on common ground

Set a course, up ahead
Straight into heaven...

What I have is worth much more
Than all my words could ever say
And what I have I'd never trade
Or give away for luxury

What I see sometimes just scares me
And what I hear I try to ignore
And what I breathe seems so polluted
I want to turn my back
And close the door

Set a course, up ahead
Straight into heaven...

Turn around and see the everything...
Please see the grain...
And feel the texture...

"In Every Garden"

In every garden
In every row and aisle
There always seems to be too many weeds
Throughout the fields
All rampant, random, and wild
There always seems to be too many weeds

I never thought much of the garden
Until the things I loved were choked
I never thought much of the field
Until the nightshade cut my legs
I'd hesitate and second guess my way

In my garden
I know what I like and I like what I grow
And I'll pull out all the cull and leave the things I desire
And in the field where everything grows
And the mower never mows
I'll stomp on what I want to
And cherish the things I desire

I built a wall around my garden
When people started telling me what to grow
It's cold and callous and casts a heavy shadow
Over the fields I choose to call my own

I hate the wall and its selfish display
My garden becoming sterile in it's pretentiousness
My direction lost in shallow righteousness

Suffocating the bloom...and every blossom

"A Little Nonsense"

We, we move ahead so slowly
But we, we've got no strings attached
And we, we move around the cliche
They say our ears are locked and latched

There are no lines to stay within
If you've got an honest imagination
To color more than the given
To see the life in the grain
To feel all of the texture
To make it come alive

"We are the music makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams"

"A little nonsense now and then
Is relished by the wisest men"

We, we tie ourselves in big knots
But we, we learn to take them out
And we, we fight with drunken conviction
We play to win without a doubt

Where are the movers and shakers?
And where are the men of a thousand dreams?

"One Voice"

Listen well, life's too short to make excuses
Take the chance, expose yourself to find your wrong
You are the reason why denial breeds frustration
You've let your dreams slip away

First answer to yourself then decide for others
If the dream in your possession has time enough
Or room for those who can't decide
Which way the balance swings
Their faith all alone in a crowd

Just like Vincent bled upon canvas
Feelings he could not explain
So does my heart weep in anger
For we are only human, one voice against the world

Hours and hours you'd spend staring at the wall
Sometimes you'd laugh 'til you'd cry
Feelings you can't deny, locked inside
It's suicide killing yourself from within

Open your eyes to a world with no horizons
No chains to bind your movement your will is free to roam
So why confine your soul in a world filled with illusions
Of strangled and beaten ideas

One voice heard above the distant roar of insanity
You have the chance to hear his word
One voice heard above the distant sigh of humanity
You have the chance to preach His voice

"Here I Am"

I chose to walk beside
Instead of lead to learn from their mistakes
Formed my own opinions
Then made myself apart from everything
That I could

Here I am, head held high

Afraid to reach to know what's next
I've grown fat off the strength of the friends around me
Mistakes turned into wise decisions
Now I'm all there is to be

Here I am, head held high

I'll give you a reason
To give me what I need
I can't sit back and watch much longer
So finger my imagination

I won't be denied anything
Leave it all to me, you'll see
The rainbow's in my grip, I won't slip
I've waited too long for this

Here I am
Take me in
What you'll see
Is everything you've ever been
Here I am in ever after

"A Cautious Repose"

Sleep is often the answer
When you're burdened by the pieces
That never seem to fit
Just a little break for dreaming
A few hours to help you forget

Sleep comes harder on occasion
You can't seem to find a good way to unwind
That's when you need some lovin'
A few hours to help you forget

Standing between what's real and what's me
Finding inspiration in a false remedy

Sleep has always been the reason
For swallowing up and regretting
The loss of the moments we've spent
Basking in the sheen of our dreams
The lines we've crossed to mend our past
Are severed once again

"Bearing Down"

There's a screw that I'm tied to
And it's starting to tighten within
And the beat that I breathe to
Is getting louder, it's getting louder again

I stand on my perception
My credo is only my own
So don't fucking sell me your direction
I'll travel my own

My conscience, my integrity, compelling my morality
To stand on my own definition
Is that asking too much?

Self-determination is my only obligation
With my own hand and my own brain
I've gotten this far

Listen to me
But it's only my opinion
You've baked this cake for far too long

Put your head in the oven
And check out what you're cooking
Is your conscience going to bend
When it comes time to eat?

We are steeping together
It's hard to keep your own identity
I've listened too long
It's branded me a stoic, that's not what I am

I could rise to your words
And believe in all their wisdom
I could stand on what you've built
And rely on it's foundation
You are the remedy
You say you're the cure and the world's panacea

"Mr. Oxy Moron"

I'd be truthfully lying to be happily crying
Because I'm positively unsure
About the rights of limited freedom
I've seen so much passive resistance to a constant change
It's called mutual individualism
Mutual individualism

The sincere hypocrite gave me a sad smile
His cologne was so damn sinfully sweet
I'd say it was almost bitter
He was honestly deceptive
When he finally broke the silence that was ringing my ears
"What you have here is awfully nice,
Just give me a call in a few short years."

There's too many morons of the oxy persuasion
With their speeches cooked to perfection
On a platter of verbal eloquence
They've burnt the meat, and they've spilled the batter
They keep skipping a beat and the heart of the matter
You know who you are and you're offended
You know what you are 'cause you're offended

I'll sell you a future
It's so damn sure I can taste it
Just sign the line at the bottom, it's marked "forever"
There's a lot of people talking
But no one's really speaking up
There's too many star-trekkers
That are boldly going to the same old stars...

"I Am The Tide"

I am the tide
I move to the rise and fall
My waves caress your harbor to a tidal ecstasy
With currents like sensual fingers
I rhythmically reach to the pull of the moon
I push to your shoreline
To kiss the curves
Of your longing beaches of insanity

"Those Who Want To Buy"

The picture was posed ready to push that black and white charm
Highlighted in gloss and calligraphy for that rock and roll impact
You've got to wear your pout and your million dollar smile
Or look like the blues and you have been hanging out for a while

I cried inside when I saw it all done for the cause of art
And I've got to laugh when I see your sincerity

The simple things that seemed so good just don't taste the same
The projection's in need of a focus, it's all out of frame

It's not that the price has been set too high
It's never too high
It's just that I'm not sure I want...
To sell to those that want to buy
Go through hell for those that want to buy
Please don't take me the wrong way
If I don't excel for those that want to buy

Who's to say our voice should not be heard
Contrary to your opinion we will not go away
If something like this meant so much to you
Would you walk away and leave it
Or die with the taste still in your mouth?

Mine is might I am that's right, a bastard with a point
So you think your artistic insecurity can be shielded?
Cellophane personalities keep you nice and fresh
I sit with pen in hand wondering what to write
Should I cut myself and paint in crimson
Or use my plastic argument?
You sample words and collect the royalties
You're stereotyped with gold in hand
I'm naked for the world to see

The thing I think that scares me the most
Is that talent is seldom considered
It's all in a name as the waiting game
Grows tight around your throat
I'm sick of being passed on this time
I'm bored with all of your letters
They just hang on the wall for all to see who the next fool is

Skeleton bound delusions, freaks inside your head
Come to life as you realize insane is not so bad
We must be daft to want more rope
To feed the cause you criticize
We took the time to turn your heads
Now you will see what we're after

"Suffocating The Bloom"

I feel that I'm always sawing through the branch
That I'm sitting on, I hope it will never break free
But I know that my cut's not the real problem here
It's a cancer that's in the body of this tree

And all the boughs will break and all the leaves will crumble
If they're not allowed to grow
They'll surely fall to be swept away
And the bloom will feel the rake
When the blossom takes it's tumble
If they're not allowed to grow they'll surely fall

A flower must have sunlight like a song must be heard
The ego needs an audience for the id to be stirred
But if we sell for the sake of sales
And those that want to buy
Are we playing for ourselves or just acting out a lie?

Life is far too simple for our lives to be complex
We take things like God, love, and life
And pile them in our human mess
We suffocate the bloom with man-made walls and fences
We suffocate the bloom with false righteousness

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