"The Great Men"

Are we too far gone from the mother land,
Our mother's milk?
If we reached out could we still feel the guiding hand
Of the great men?
And these men of God
And these men of truth
Have the words that they've written
Been forgotten and abused?

Was it first grade that we sat in class
Like a box of varied chocolates?
Was it first grade that we first heard of the great men?
We pledged our allegiance to the flag
At the start of every day
And we wondered when we grew up
Could we be a great man

Pushing like a junkie or a barker at a fair
Using sugar coated rhetoric, you're so damn debonair
You're a sweet talking smiler, a bonafide beguiler
A player with a strategy, a mover of the mind
You're the connoisseur of conversation
A soapbox serpent speaking with a forked tongue

It was June of '84 when the storm came rolling through
It took our hats and most of what we learned
But I held on fast to all my goals
So the wind wouldn't blow them away
And I wished to be something more...on Graduation Day

With your mannequin smile on fire
Its charm looting pockets for hard earned cash
And you deal out your double standards
To reel in all those pats on the back that you've lived for,
Connived for, hurt for,
And cheated with a stone heart
You're a beggar with a bleeding heart
A bleeding heart, so cold so cold

What makes a man ignore
The causes to his effects
To damn his very soul to get ahead?
It's greed that waves the carrot
That leads to false security
Is our want much greater than our need to give?

To be strong you must first have strength within your heart
To have faith is a thing that can't be bought
To be great is to first serve the one who's served us all
It's much harder to stand than it is to fall
To be a great man

"On Any Given Nite"

Picture this if you will
Standing on an open shore
White lights dancing, sudden image of a queen
See her floating ever still
Gently, softly she beckons you to come

And Crystal was the name I called her
Gentle as the falling snow
She appeared to me again this morning
Why I'll never know

Only a fool turns away from an angel
Vision in white steps through the door
Holds out her hand I say no I'm not ready
I open my eyes and let the dream fade away

Across the velvet sky I heard my angel cry
Her tear a falling star burning out its way into tomorrow

"Carpe Diem"

Nearly four years of sailing through stormy seas
I have to be wiser now
Oh the times that we had together

Looking back I see dreamers, deserters,
And promises that weren't kept
And I know that my conscience is clean

Moving onward, hoping to go on
Though anger has fueled me
This anger won't go on long

And I'm not into excuses, complaining just bothers me
And I'm tired of the whining and spinelessness

And I've heard all of your pipe dreams, your big schemes
Just hot air from a fool
But I know that I shouldn't think that way
Should I think that way?

Remember when we, young, sat dreaming by fire's glow
We talked long through summer nights
But talk is cheap as I know
And Autumn comes and Summer dies
And promises begin to lie
And years roll and we become the things we said the things we've done

Seize the love
Seize the meaning
Seize the moment
Seize the memory
Seize the effort
Seize the truth
Seize the day

Turn around and see what's behind you
Are you happy with the world that you've made?
Look away and think of the future, is it OK?

Are you sure you've got all the answers without a doubt?
Are you feeling confident?
Is that smile that you're wearing real?


If birds fly over the rainbow
Then why can't I
Was it just a shade of gray
Or a splash of blue that made up the colors of her eyes

You're slipping away
Eroded by a sea of forgetfulness
Don't forget

Half of me still standing on this sinking ship
Half of me still looking for answers on this one way trip
I was thinking as usual
In my own living color
Of the glass that pierced her heart, of the mirror in her eye
With my own vivid clarity
And a touch of distortion
I saw our love thrown out the window
I saw a shade close in her eye
And a silent hint of Autumn frosts my heart
Crystal blue is my hell
The absence of her eyes leaves the seasons standing still

Even my Juliet with her faded rose...(Do you think of me with a smile)
Can't conceal the obvious, crimson...(Full of contempt)
Tears that fill my life's cup......(I would start to laugh but I just)
Cried from the heart that no longer(Can't find the punch line)...
Feels the warmth...(I can't stand the heat)
Cried for a heart that no longer...(Hanging around that watering hole)
Feels the day by day

In tune with my memory her visions
Dance across the embers in my mind
By night it's the silence that alarms me
Her refusal was so quiet
That it almost drove me mad!

Even when Romeo strikes his...(Do you think of me with a smile)
Favorite pose he can't conceal the obvious...(Full of contempt?)
Crimson tears that fill my life's cup...(I would start to laugh but I just)
Cried from my heart...(Can't find the punch line)
(I can't stand the heat)
(Hanging around that watering hole)

I wasted my words in verbal frustration
My diction just coal to heat your sensation
The rise and fall of ryhthmatic gyration
Just digging for fun in your sexual foundation
The taste of your love just fuels my engine
Submerged in the flow of my one night injection
The moment explodes in compelling fashion
Washed clean my fancy for nocturnal attraction

I was swimming here again in my sea of insecurity
just shooting up some flares for your raft of confidence
Instead you just threw stones and some weights for my ankles
You gave up
You never tried for the other side of the rainbow...

And so the story goes
One heart walks off into the sunset
The other walks alone, forever Tuesday...
All remains the same
And I have to hold your hand
I've just got to hold your hand
Ccould your hand hold my heart...forever?
I say to you now
Like I said to you then
When a kiss would say it all and it meant forever
Now those days of vision have all gone
The key to all is love
Peace within your heart
The price for love is great but patience leads to truth

Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me
Alone with my addiction for your love
Standing in the rain laughing at the sunshine
Making wishes by the're there

You're there when I'm divided
Half of me in tears
half of me still looking for answers for that one way trip

"The Meaning And The Moment"

Within a song you'll find some sweet imagination
And with a poet's flair you can find the truth
And like a fighter's punch you can feel the song's power
And on its melody it can take you away

But can a song bring out the love inside of us?
Can it ease our deepest fears?
Can a song change all the wrong to right?
Can it stop a single tear?

When you hear that tune do you melt from the memory
Of a younger day or some long lost love?
And when you smell the youth of that endless summer
Do you sing along like never before?

You won't find the meaning
You won't find the answer
You won't find a cure for the spreading of cancer
It won't solve the mystery
The question or the quotient
But it can help you to see
The beauty of the moment

Create a mood indeed, set the tone or make the moment
Don't place your faith in a thing that always ends
You can't dive too deep in a pool that's really shallow
There's so much more to touch, to see, to hear

"Breath Of Fresh Air"

Time after time the music paints the rhyme
But I still wonder what to say
Memory takes its course and loves the driving force
While your smile lights the way

Step inside my mind
Be careful where you sit
Close your eyes
Take a breath of fresh air

In the dreams that we weave
Reality conceived, then quickly thrown away
Here there is no wrong and the day
Is as long as you dream

Step inside my mind
Tell me what you thinkDon't mind the mess
Take a breath of fresh air

Don't try and wake me
Sleep just does me good
Why lie in bed when you know
I really should
Try and make the day
Everything I can
The words I write
Read deeper than the man

Time after time, the thoughts just slip my mind
Then they're gone, lost for days
Then without help an awareness is felt
And the thoughts come in waves

Step outside my mind
Be careful when you leave
Collect your thoughts
And take a breath of fresh air

"Until It Rains"

Fly catch the rainbow
Then once you have hold the grip save the sight
Don't let go
I've heard the wind sing voices of air
Softly speak ease my mind
Fill my soul

Feel it falling down, down upon your head
See your reflections in the pools the clouds have bled

Time, time escapes me a blink of an eye and its gone
Gone for good, moving on
Rise to greet her lift up your eyes and your heart
To the sides, no demise

Until it rains, you sigh, I cannot wait that long
My mind is quiet like the calm before the storm

Lightning strikes fear into your heart
Bringing beginning of a brand new start
The angels shed their tears upon your face
Morning clears your fears are all erased

Until it rains feel it falling down, falling down, falling down
Until it rains feel it falling down, falling down, falling down

Until it rains

"The Velveteen Rabbit"

Remember when the world was all just a giant place to play?
Not a care to burded down upon your shoulders
Each moment so alive
Every day fills the springtime of your life
With the fragrance of youth

Remember on those summer days
When you fought off the heat with a garden hose
And the sun would chase you, hot on your heals
To the nearest pool

Out back where you sat on the swing
And the grass had long since worn away
And you'd swing so high and laugh so long

I'd much rather run through a rainstorm
Or climb my favorite tree
Then talk about politics, sports or TV
And I'd like to think as I walk
Alone in the peace of God's evening
That he hears me thanking him

My frame of mind always gets torn
When I see old Brownie, all tattered and torn
And the face he gives me
Just adds to the weight of my sentimental chain

Roses have thorns and coffee's not tea
And I don't have to smell them to see in front of me
That all's not quiet on the Western Front today

And at night my warm silent friend
Is held close to my heart
And I sleep to dream of tomorrow's new day

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