Rise Twain (featuring Brett Kull) available for pre-ordering.
Hello! This is Brett, and I am looking at a trophy shaped glass of Stella Artois that is slowly being alleviated of its rather cold, golden, liquid bounty. I wanted to “write into” the social matrix tonight because I have some news regarding a magical project I have started that is now fully launched, rocketing into possibility.

Jeremy Beck and I started a musical endeavor back in 2018 and bounced like swirling tumbleweeds, skimming forcefully to anywhere and everywhere. Rise Twain is the name we landed on in our creative revolution and revelation. Rise Twain is the name this duo has been tattooed with to hold the occasion permanent.

Click below for pre-orders of this exciting new project!

Link: Rise Twain Pre-Orders
Echolyn Release – 25-Year Anniversary …and Every Blossom Originally released June 18th 1993
This third collection of songs consisted of a four-song, 16-minute acoustic outpouring in the spring of 1993. The original pressing has long since been extinct, but in the early 2000s we were able to properly remix and master this little quartet of ideas for a box set culling hard-to-get songs and bonus tracks from our early catalogue. These four songs have resided exclusively on said box set for the past sixteen years. We think it’s time to let them live a life again as a stand-alone endeavor for digital download.

Download ...and Every Blossom at Bandcamp

Link: Reflections on ...and Every Blossom
echolyn forced to back out of ProgStock
echolyn and the organizers of ProgStock are disappointed to announce that echolyn will not be able to make their return to the live-stage this fall – headlining Saturday night at the ProgStock 2017 festival in Rahway, NJ – due to a recent medical diagnosis in the band. While preparing for their upcoming performance, Chris Buzby (keyboards/vocals) had been experiencing severe pain in his left wrist/hand, which has now been diagnosed as tendinitis. He has been put on a 6-8 week recovery plan of limited mobility to halt more damage and maximize recovery. The band members are deeply sorry to share such disappointing news (especially at this time), but Chris’s recovery is paramount and takes priority. ProgStock and echolyn worked together to find a viable and appropriate way for the band to press on, but that has proved impossible for this year's festival. As always, the members of echolyn appreciate your support and understanding. The ProgStock Family unequivocally stands behind Chris and fully supports the decision that echolyn has made at this difficult time.

Link: ProgStock
Valdez ''THIS'' Pre-Order Information.

Thus sayeth Tahm...

Ladies, gentlemen, children and good natured winos; today is the big day that heralds a great change, a fulcrum upon which future world events pivot...

The debut album by Valdez, entitled THIS is available for pre-order today.

Future generations will speak much of this event and talk in hushed tones about those who chose the sonic zeitgeist that is THIS...

Click upon the link below. The path to enlightenment awaits.

We entreat you to share this post and buy the album for the good if all human kind.

Now if you'll please excuse me, the doctor has arrived with my medication.

Link: THIS > Pre-Order Information
echolyn to play progstock.
echolyn is confirmed to be playing progstock during the weekend of october 13-15th, 2017.

Link: For more information...