Carpe Diem: Echolyn Rampage Hits Moravian

Appeared in "The Moravian Comenian", written by Candance Young
November 1991

On Friday, Nov. 15, Echolyn performed at 2 Left Feet in the HUB cafeteria. Echolyn is a five-member band that can dazzle its audience with its musical talents. Chris Buzby, a student at Moravian, plays the keyboard/synthesizer for Echolyn and he also composes many of their pieces.

We are talking groove sound waves, people! A thumbs-up from the peanut gallery! Echolyn live is an experience to remember. With a light show, film clips, a menagerie of instruments, and the active expressions of the performers, Echolyn really reaches out and intrigues the audience. The compact disc is greatbut the live performance can make you lose yourself.

The thing about Echolyn that tuned me in the most was how the musicians offerd theur music to you as if they were saying, "If you'll let us, we'll take your hand and lead you into our world," and with each song the audience is drawn. The music brought a sense of movement, change and exploration. Echolyn's network of musical talent can truly amaze the audience - espically because of the special effects and the involvement the performers have in their music and with the crowd.

So folks, overall it was an entertaining Friday night in the HUB. Keep those ears open for Echolyn; they're sure to be back. Oh, and by the way, "Carpe Diem."

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