Echolyn: The Debut Album

Appeared in "The Temple Press", written by W. Todd Cameron
October 1991

They sound like Rush mixed with some Yes, E.L.P., and even old Genesis, but Echolyn still maintains a unique sound of its own.

The Philadelphia-area band's name, Echolyn, is the title of their powerul debut album. Their music is difficult to categorize - it's a fusion of hard and progressive rock, new age, and classic literature with emotional impact.

Echolyn's music is free-flowing. No song ends the way it begins. No song ends the same way it begins. While their style is distinct, no two songs sound the same, or even similiar.

Opening with a dramatic guitar solo, The Great Men, pays homage to the shapers of history and reflects upon the potential of everyone. "TO be great is to first serve one who's served us all. It's much harder to stand than it is to fall."

Clumps Of Dirt is an upbeat progressive rock instrumental piece. The thought-provoking On Any Given Nite is an emotional ballad about dreams that might have been.

Fans of the film, "Dead Poets Society," will find inspiration in Carpe Diem (seize the day), a fast-paced tune about tkaing time to enjoy and appreciate life in the hectic 90s.

Together, these songs leave a lasting impression along after the music stops. The music is powefull, and the lyrics are profound. With 11 songs and more than 70 minutes of music on the album, Echolyn is an exceptional entertainment value.

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