Local band signs record contract

Appeared in "The Ambler Gazette", written by Staff
September 1993

Echolyn, one of this area's most distinct bands, has signed a long term contact with Sony Music Entertainment, Inc./Sony Records.

The band, comprised of Christoper Buzby, Tom Hyatt, Brett Kull, Paul Ramsey and Raymond Weston, met at its West Point-based studio to officially sign the contract.

Epic Records has a heritage of commitment to artistic integrity and artist development, beginning with the Yardbirds to today's Living Colour, Spin Doctors and Pearl Jam. Echolyn is proud to have found a home where it's musical growth can be nutured, and has great faith in the future.

With the encouragement of a diverse array of radio stations, clubs and press, Echolyn has acomplished many goals in the past three years, including recording and release three independent CDs, using in-house worldwide distribution, performing live on-air at WMMR, WXPN, WYSP, WVIA, WPST, WZZO, WTPA and others, appearing in numerous major newspapers stories and in 200 live shows. The band is now looking forward to new opportunities across American and throughout Europe.

Echolyn and Bridge [Management] are working with attorney Glenn A. Goldstein and William (Biff) Kennedy at Charterhouse Management, while moving towards their anticipated Epic debut release in the Spring of 1994.

The band is now writing new material, auditioning producers and recording studios and continuing to perform live. Echolyn will continue to tour the Northeast, leaving for several dates in Montreal, Quebec City and Grand Rapids, Michigan this month.

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