Appeared in "Philadelphia Daily News", written by Jonathan Takiff
June 1992

The orate, theatrical, art-rock pomp of early Genesis, Gentle Giant and Matching Mole is alive through wheezing in this third set from local band Echolyn - their "unplugged" acoustic EP.

The set stars promisingly with Bright Sides, a folkish waltz scored with sweet cello and violin. But Ballet For A Marsh prances with numbling self-consciousness as it tells the tale of a jester in love with a haughty ballerina. I can't be sure if the lyrics are intentionally stilled to make the narrator seem gawky or inadvertently so because the writer believs words sound more exotic when they don't flow.

The acoustic guitar, piano and horn-scored Lunch In The Sun has a lush, dreamy sound and vision to amtch - cosmic hogwash about the sun "singing a steamy moonlight serenade" and Glenn Miller "conducting the clouds to some long-lost tune." Most intriguing is the show-closing Blue And Sand, a precious ode to reawakening nature sung from a plant's perspective. Music: B; words: B-ware.

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