Rolling Along With Echolyn

Appeared in "The Reporter", written by Kevin Johnson
December 1992

You might say West Point-based rock band Echolyn is feeling a little good about themselves these days.

It started Nov. 28 with a record release party at the 23 East Cabaret for the group's new compact disc Suffocating The Bloom. Not only was the night sold out in advance, about 600 CD's were sold that night, according to group manager Greg Kull of Montgomeryville.

The band's self-titled album of last year took five months to move 500 copies. They moved 1,000 copies of the new disc in a week.

"There's a lot of of interest in the band right now," said Kull. Echolyn's other members include Brett Kull on guitar and lead vocals, Ray Weston on lead vocals, Chris Buzby on keybaords and backing vocals, Paul Ramsey on drums and percussion, and Thomas Hyatt on bass.

Nearly every Suffocating The Bloom cut, which includes original songs like Mr. Oxy Moron, Here I Am, Winterthru, and the 28-minute opus A Suite For The Everyman, has been played on radio stations such as WXPN-FM, WMMR-FM, WYSP-FM, WPST-FM, and WKDU-FM.

Last weekend, they performed an acoustic set at Tower Records on South Street and in the Northeast, as well as Third Street Jazz, the three stores where the disc is available. This was followed by a WXPN-FM radio interview.

And at 8 tonight, the band presents a big, Christmas thank you to the North Penn area, performing acousticlly at Summey West Tavern in Upper Gwynedd. The concert is free.

"I think this shows a whole new perspective of the band," Kull said of the acoustic show. "These guys are incredible musicians and they can do acoustic shows. They can scale down or do big shows."

Kull said younger groups can learn from the example Echolyn has set - that a local band can be successfull without big connections.

"Kids out there should stick to it and stay together. Believe in what you're doing. You're going to be rejected many many times but finally someone will say there's something going on here and then a ground swell starts," said Kull. "That's what's going on with Echolyn right now. I think people out there in Lansdale can be very proud of what we're doing.

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