Echolyn rocks 'Nova Terrace

Appeared in "The Villanovan", written by Ralph Rasa
February 1991

Who says nothing goes on at Villanova? Feb 12, the rafters of Connelly Center were run like never before as Echolyn, a Lansdae-based band, brought their brand of innovative rock music to "Live At The Terrace."

"Live At The Terrace," organized by the Student Programming Council (SPC), brings local and sometimes student bands to the stage at the Belle Air Terrace on Tuesdays between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. during the semester

Echolyn is Brett Kull (guitar/vocals), Ray Weston (vocals), Chris Buzby (keyboards, backing vocaks), Jesse Reyas (bass) and Paul Ramsey on drums. They are an all original band which blends together rock influences in a progressive style.

Manager Bobby O'Reilly, a Villanova student, said the group can be classifised as "pop art-rock," and that they sound similiar to the British group Marillion. Their 10-song set, which lasted over an hour and a half, consisted of songs ranging from ballad styles to high energy rock.

Several of these songs were of epic proportions, lasting 10 minutes and allowing for improvisation by each member. Musically and lyrically, their songs maintained coherence as themes were established and repeated. The song Shades began with a mellow guitar intro, eventually broke into a heavy groove and conclued with a piano solo. This groove shows how the band plays like a team, in which each member compliments the other.

Echolyn also played with changing textures. Guitarist Kull played with volume swells, wah-wah leads, mellow to chunky rhythms and improvised and arranged solos. Another song, Edge of Wonder, demonstrated the powerful vocal harmony of Weston and Kull. And in the song Carpe Diem, one could here the influences of bands like Rush on the strong rhythm section of Reyes and Ramsey.

Kull said to the disappointingly small crowd that they "have a good time playing, whether it is for two, five or 100 people."

Their music is different because they feel free to play what they want and show their capability as a a group to do so - their sound is not an easy one to duplicate. Echolyn can be heard again March 25 at Cooze's Corner in Wayne.

Unfortunately, SPC advertised for Echolyn's appearance with a few small signs on the day of the show. It seemed as if the only people who ever attend the free shows are lucky passers-by. Certainly more people would attend if they knew about the shows in advance.

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