Echolyn at the Chestnut

Appeared in "Rutger's Gleaner", written by Rick Mandriota
April 1992

The progressive rock band Echolyn will be appearing at the chestnut Cabaret on Friday, April 24.

Hailing from West Point Pa., Echolyn have been making a buzz up and down and all over the north-east. Playing shows at clubs like the Cabarets and CBGB's, the band is slowly gathering a huge following. No Strangers to radio support, they also have their self-titled CD playing on a good number of commercial and college airwaves.

Showcasing their skill, the members of Echolyn are all craftsman with their instruments, and in some cases, some of them play quite a few. The group have developed something of a rarity in their live performances by being such a tight band.

Having seen them before, expect the live show to be a spectactular display of musicianship and entertainment. The song Shades encompasses the bands vibrant energy towards their work and On Any Given Moment hands you the emotional and sensitive thoughts of things gone by. A must for any practicing musician, this concert will be satisfying over another nomal Friday in April.

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