Taking Echolyn Home

Appeared in "The North Penn Reporter", written by Kevin Johnson
January 1991

Fans who've been checking out local band Echolyn in concert can finally take the West Point rock band home.

After upteeth gigs at the various cabarets, Echolyn is set to release Echolyn on cassette and compact disc Monday. If you have a compact disc player, it would be best to purchase the 70-minute CD over the 48-minute cassette beacuse three bonus tracks are available on the 11-cut CD.

Those bonus cuts are Peace in Time, Clumps of Dirt and Shades. Other songs include The Great Men, The Velveteen Rabbit and Meaning And The Moment.

Production for Echolyn started in their studio in January and wrapped just recently. The vocal recordings and the mixing was completed at Forge's Recording Studio in Phoenixville.

Group manager Greg Kull hopes the release will be their ticket to the big leagues and elevate them out of local band status (though Kull said they're not a local band anymore and no longer want to be compared with local band since they have dates in Maryland and Virginia).

"A lot of things are hinged on this CD," Kull said. "With it, we're going to Electric Factory Concerts for better jobs and it'll open a whole string of college dates. And it's giving us something we're really proud of."

They're also looking at radio station WMMR-FM to schedule a release party and interview.

At this point, Echolyn remains unsigned to a record label. Kull says they're talking to about a dozen record companies in New York City and Los Angeles.

Echolyn will be available at Davis Sound and Video in Lansdale, Sassafras in Montgomeryville, Sound Advice in Doylestown, Hatboro Music Shop, Digital Image in Hatboro, and record stores in New Hope, Ardmore and Philadelphia.

They won't be found at Sam Goody or Wall to Wall Sound & Video in Montgomery Mall. Though Kull tried to get his product in there, he said red tape kept them out. He said the stores don't deal with companies as small as theirs.

But the band isn't discouraged. "A lot of people have been waiting for this music."

Echolyn is opening for Allan Holdsworth at the Chestnut Cabaret Tuesday night.

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