Spanning seperate music scenes, featured homecoming band Echolyn to play at Squires

Appeared in "Virginia Tech Newspaper", written by Staff
October 1991

The Philadelphia-based band Echolyn will help kick off this weekend's homecoming festivities Friday night.

Echolyn is described as a progressive band; they recently played with Alan Holdsworth, a fusion/jazz guitarist, at the Cabaret in Philadelphia. Visual effects such as movie clips, shown on a screen behind the band and lighting effects are a big part of their show.

The band has been playing clubs for about 18 months and hopes to branch out into the college scene.

Previous bookings took the band from Baltimore to Boston. Bracksburg is the farthest south they've played.

Echolyn has five members: Christopher Buzby, keyboards and backup vocals; Thomas Hyatt, bass; Brett William Kull, guitars, lead and backup vocals; Paul Ramsey, drums and backing vocals; and Raymond Weston, lead and backup vocals.

On Friday, Echolyn will play in the Commonwealth Ballroom in Squires Student Center. Admission is free, and copies of the self-titled compact disc or tape will be available.

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