Appeared in "Ambler Gazette", written by Staff
November 1992

Echolyn's new album, Suffocating The Bloom, will be released this weekend and a sold-out record release party will be held at the 23 East Cabaret.

With one indepdendent compact disc under their belt, Echolyn has alreay begun making a lasting mark on people with their music.

Based out of West Point, this five-member group revels in the intensity that is rock, without disregarding the tempo changes and dynamics displayed in a well arranged musical composition.

Echolyn is comprised of Brett Kull on guitar and lead vocals, Ray Weston in lead vocals, Chris Buzby on keyboards and backing vocals, Paul Ramsey on drums and percussion and Thomas Hyatt on bass. The band cites every style of music as an influence and has tried to compose music that may inspire listeners.

Touring has enabled Echolyn to share their live shows with fans all along the East Coast. The group has enjoyed performances in the greater Philadelphia area, including a sold-out show at the Theater of Living Arts, each of the Cabaret Night Clubs and was glad to be invited to play at the YO! Philadelphia Festival at Penn's Landing. Echolyn has also performed at CBGB's in New York City, Club Met in Harrisburg, Max's in Baltimore, Ryles Jazz Club in Boston and many more rooms throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Suffocating The Bloom captures the exhilaration of creating and experiencing success, being young and idealistic, as well as the frustration of the suffocated artist.

Echolyn is very proud of all their small successes, and is encouraged beacuse as an interested music industry becomes involved with a band with the caliber of Echolyn, achievements on a much higher level seem inevitable.

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