Appeared in "Audion", written by Alan Freeman
July 1992

I must admit that on first listen I wasn't too impressed by this debut CD by Echolyn (a new band from America's North East) as if stuck me as a mite pretenious, over wordy, and too pop-tech. Yet, it shows that initial impressions can be deceiving, as further auditioning revealed its finer qualities. Judged against the general gamut of contemporary "progressives" Echolyn are indeed in the upper echelons of quality composition and musicial ability. There are some minor annoyances, i.e. some rather too forceful drums and occasionally the vocals are a bit hard to get on with. Yet, despite this, their complex concoction draws in a lot of classic progressive stylings, as one could quote: Yes, Styx, Genesis, Lift, Grobschnitt, and a myriad of others, and the resultant eleven tracks (ranging from 3 to almost 12 minutes) cover a lot of ground, with rock ballads, folky diversions, dynamic guitar and keyboard spurred instrumentals. They certainly know how to be progressive (a rare talent nowordays) as they counterpoint complex song and instrumental sections, rarelu being predictable or repetitive. So, if you like simple rock compositions - avoid! If you like the neo-progressive type sound, but would like something more involved than the normal everday progressive album, then I'd heartily reccomend it!

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