Appeared in "I/E Magazine", written by Datten Bergstein
March 1992

Pennsylvania's Echolyn are one of the high points on an ever-widening curve of U.S. progressive bands currently alive and active. Other than the vibrant Seattle scene, Echolyn are sure to continue to stir the progressive cauldon on the east coast. On their self-titled debut, they offer a fully digital, captivating album of complex arrangements, exemplary musicianship, varied tempo changes, and some arresting instrumental passages. Do not doubt their influences: Happy The Man (on the opener Fountainhead, Yes (Guitarist Brett Kull frets through a faster alternative take of Steve Howe's lines on "Mood For A Day" on the second cut, The Great Men, Genesis (some movements recall the playful segues and vignettes on The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway), anc even some other '70's stalwarts like Greenslade and Gentle Giant. So what makes Echolyn so bright and attractive? Their arrangements are uniformly exciting, their lyrics imaginative and robust with imagery, and (most importantly) the interplay between the five musicians is cohesive, sharp and vital. Echolyn circuitously navigates their way around the empty soloing and lack of experience that dogs so many neo-progressive acts. One of the top three bands in the country, maybe...?

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